Hi I’m Josiah

and I do graphic design, branding, illustration, and simple animation

This is your new one-stop shop for all your graphic design needs. Think of my design services as your creative tackle box and I’m your guide through the sometimes murky, choppy waters of marketing, creativity and communication. No matter if you’re wanting to catch a single goldfish or a pod of whales, I’ve got your back. Let’s select the right tool for the job, make a plan and take action.

Born in Kalispell, MT with a box of crayons in hand, I made it a habit of adventuring through boyhood looking to put creativity to the test. Coloring contests? Sure. Turning my bike into a Mario Kart? Of course!  Legal graffiti? You betcha.

These days it’s all about finding new ways to take visual communication to the next level. How can you and I work together to push your business further? How can we create something that has lasting impact? What’s the best way to serve your customers and clients? If you have these same questions, we’ve got some planning to do.


“This is ten percent design, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent lack of rhyming, fifty percent creativity, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name”